Olhos de Água

Albufeira / Olhos de Agua

Olhos de Água, is a delightful Portuguese fishing town that is situated in the heart of the beautiful Algarve. This peaceful town is centred around a sandy cove, where fishing boats are moored on the golden sands and old fishermen tend their nets in huts that line the shore.

The naming comes from the fresh water fountains that emerge from the sand of the beach, where the fishermen in the old days would go and collect buckets of fresh water to their homes and boats. The fountains are still there, but "Olhos de Agua"  has not entirely escaped the boom of tourism and encircling the town are numerous mega-hotel complexes but central Olhos de Agua still manages to retain its personable and welcoming charm. The atmosphere and low-key ambience is why so many tourists return yearly and makes the town fantastic for families or those wishing a relaxing beach-based holiday.



  • Torre da Medronheira
  • Wathching the cliffs of Falesia from the left side of Olhos de Agua beach
  • Look for the fountains of fresh water ( Eyes of Water ) on the beach
  • O Duarte , Traditional Portuguese Restaurant
  • O Pássaro Azul - Fresh fish by the beach, premium location
  • La Cigale - Internatioanl Cousine by the beach 
  • Mercado Municipal de Olhos de Agua
  • Souvenir shops by the beach
  • Friends Bar
  • Parque Aventura
  • Horse Riding
  • Sayanna Wellness
  • Many small shops that perform massages